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One place, all documents: saving and efficiency

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We’ve all had the experience of searching for hours for one or more important documents or cursing ourselves for not having a foolproof storage system in place. Everything would be so much easier if we stored all our documents in one place. Well, hence the interests of initiatives like the one Beehave proposes. Beehave offers to accompany you in the digitization of your documents. They also offer you storage space and much more.

What is the gain from all of this? The key words are saving and efficiency.

Indeed, storing all these documents in one place would represent without a doubt a considerable saving as well as a gain in productivity.

Be careful, we are talking about digital documents and not paper. If it was not already done, it is important to digitize your documents to move from paper to digital documents (see Paper is dead, long live Beehave: top 10 problems of paper).


This reorganization of the document management process would not only save money but also time.

The money saving would be made on the abandonment of the specific fittings for the storage of documents (shelves, cupboards, archive rooms) as well as on the accessories used for storage and organization (paper clips, staplers,…). 

The time saving will also be very important because by having all these documents stored in the same place, there is no longer any need to think about where you have stored this or that document. You just have to go to the chosen storage space and look for the document with its title. Automation makes it even easier, just type the title or keywords of the document to find it immediately. Searching for a document has never been so easy, you will now find your documents in just a few minutes. This process is particularly useful for notaries who work with a lot of documents for each client (see Top 5 reasons to opt for notarial digitization ).

The efficiency of the whole work process would increase. The amount of time taken for document search and organization being considerably reduced, employees would save precious time that could be spent in other tasks that would allow the work to progress. Knowing this space is centralized, all employees could have access to it, saving valuable time and optimizing their work time at the same time. This overall time saving will result in better productivity and efficiency of each employee in their work. This gain in productivity would have a positive impact on the company’s revenues. Indeed, this would lead to more efficient work and at the same time lower costs due to money savings.

As seen above, a single process change could lead to a saving of time, money and therefore, to a better efficiency. For this, you can trust Beehave to set up with you a new optimal storage space at your image (see Beehave, a complete alternative to your business software ).Beehave is your solution. 

A small change today would lead you to bigger results tomorrow!

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