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For a great ship to complete a successful voyage, thousands of individual gears must each be finely tuned and oiled to provide optimal momentum. At Beehave, we know that companies operate in much the same way – Achieving peak performance requires optimizing a multitude of operational details and business processes.


Beehave makes this optimization easy by harnessing vast human experience to cutting-edge technology and creating a software platform that’s able to digitally transform any business process imaginable.

Beehave Principles

Every day, with every project, we are guided by three simple principles:

To empower everyone.

To adapt to all businesses.

To enable trust and fruitful collaborations

within organizations and between them.

Group 22

Meet the Founders

Fabrice Teichteil

Yannick Zoccola

Unleash Your Potential with a Career at Beehave

We want motivational self-starters who love technology. Entrepreneurs, engineers, creative minds, logical thinkers – If looking at how to make the future of business better is something you feel passionate about you may have found your new career at Beehave.

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