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Turn procedural inefficiency into optimized operations with Beehave’s customized software solutions. Beehave streamlines your business with effective digital transformation tailor-made to the unique circumstances of your company. 


Transform Digitally As You Need

We are experts in business process automation, not an all-or-nothing ERP solution that requires your organization to adapt to a new process. Automating manual or cumbersome tasks allows you to focus on your key business goals and strategies.

Beehave’s business process automation is a targeted process to improve your operations. We develop a solution for you. Or train one of your team to be your own in-house Beehave expert. We’ve leveraged our expertise in marketing, operations, and technology into agile, adaptable modules that will streamline and improve your business from Day 1. And Day 1 is sooner than you think!

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Beehave Experts Get You Working Better, Faster

No time for tech? Leave everything to us!


Our network of expert consultants is always available to complement your in-house knowledge and build-out the adaptations and solutions you need to further optimize your operational flows.


Beehave experts will provide an easy-to-use solution that mirrors your current processes for quick implementation, minus the inefficiencies! See results in days or weeks, not months or years!


Beehave’s innovative, modular system allows you the flexibility to customize

and implement improved processes at your pace, to your needs:



Beehave’s innovative, modular system allows you the flexibility to customize and implement improved processes at your pace, to your needs.


Intuitive interface

Beehave’s intuitive interface guarantees easy adoption by your team.

Easy import/export

Beehave modules provide for importing and exporting to and from various formats, including PDF, Microsoft Office, scanned documents, and images, as well as other custom formats.



Share data and collaborate on projects as easily internally and externally through messaging, notifications, and shared spaces.


Manage execution

Fully trace every user’s actions, control workflow execution, as well as monitor performance at every step.


Data centric

Beehave leverages centralized data, allowing for seamless processing throughout your company, across departments and systems, as well as with relevant external parties that you permit access.


Sync and access across all devices

Beehave’s cloud structure ensures you can access your data from anywhere, any time.


Data security and safety

Ensure every user can only access the data relevant to their roles to support the integrity, security, and privacy of your data. 

Beehave Solves So You Succeed

To maximize growth and success businesses must optimize and adapt, taking advantage of the latest technology. But adopting new technology is often a challenging process for organizations. 


Beehave’s structure and roll-out methodology guarantees that adoption into your organization is a smooth process for every skill level, function and sector.


Here are just a few business lines that Beehave provides exceptional solutions for. You may find your business requires similar solutions:

Professional Services

Law, accounting, recruitment – professional services firms must be client facing, not keyboard staring. Beehave offers solutions from client intake to time keeping so that your teams can spend more time with clients.

Luxury Manufacturing

Time is money and products are money for manufacturing companies. Beehave experts analyze supply chains and workflow to facilitate automation and create streamlining solutions that keep production lines humming.

Mobile Apps & IT

Ensuring everyone has your latest killer app or device requires effective sales and marketing. Beehave’s customized tools and processes can help your team better identify sales opportunities and strengthen client experience.

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Head of Business Solutions, Plane manufacturer.

“We were presented with 4 proposals for our Marketing collaborative platform. Your solution was ranked the best one.”


Supply Chain Director, largest Luxury Brand.

“Beehave is very easy to use, and we appreciate it a lot.”

Managing Director, Plastic manufacturing.

“Beehave can definitely help you with any of your questions. It’s very easy to modify the system.” 

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