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Beehave offers a range of solutions that can tackle business process automation and optimization within any organization, across any industry.

Our fundamental building blocks can be customized, or built from scratch, to address your company’s unique needs from CRM to business intelligence analysis to specific functions proprietary to your organization.

These are just a few examples of where Beehave has successfully optimized business processes. We are sure that your business can benefit from these and the many more solutions Beehave offers!

Solution 1

Performance Reviews for
Professional Services

Client experiences are interwoven with team performance. Beehave improves appraisal processes into an automated workflow that can be tracked and reviewed at any stage.  Flexible reporting provides multiple options for evaluations and trend identification. Adjustments can be made immediately to correct or improve performance for the benefit of the entire company and your customers.

Want to ensure your team is improving?

Supply Chain for
Luxury Manufacturing

Precise document scanning extracts client information from purchase orders reducing data entry man-hours while suppliers input order progress through bespoke forms directly into supply chain management modules. Customers and suppliers access their relevant data through a customized Beehave interface or by automated reporting. By streamlining supply chain workflow, manufacturers can focus on adding value to their process and products.

Could your supply chain use streamlining?

Solution 2
Solution 3

CRM for Governmental Projects

Replace bulky excel spreadsheets containing specialized fields with a streamlined, uncluttered interface. Potential sales figures and forecasting are possible with links to financial modules. Interactions and progress on sales opportunities are easily tracked and updated with real-time alerts, with access available based on relevant hierarchies. 

Turn more contacts to sales!

Discover your company’s full potential with Beehave! 

We have experience in sectors ranging from aeronautics to insurance and more. Imagine what we could do for your business!

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Beehave has also:



Head of Business Solutions, Plane manufacturer.

“We were presented with 4 proposals for our Marketing collaborative platform. Your solution was ranked the best one.”


Supply Chain Director, largest Luxury Brand.

“Beehave is very easy to use, and we appreciate it a lot.”


Managing Director, Plastic manufacturing.

“Beehave can definitely help you with any of your questions. It’s very easy to modify the system.” 

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