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The challenges of digital transformation

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The pandemic has forced companies to boost their IT investments and prioritize their digital transformation initiatives. But what is at stake in this massive shift to digital?

A preeminent leader must envision the company’s digital transformation so that it can embody best practices. As the digital ecosystem develops and evolves very quickly, the leader’s vision must be updated as much as possible.

Technology is constantly rolling out new tools to help users navigate and better optimize their existing tools. We are at a point in our collective user journey where we are dependent on our digital tools to make businesses work. Yet, we are also unable to fully use (or adopt) the tools at our disposal without additional tools.

This is the challenge of the complexity of digital transformation. Multiple systems have been layered on top of each other, which could inadvertently reduce productivity. Multiple systems are confusing, overwhelming, and humans are simply not able to navigate through them all at once(seeDigital at the Heart of Corporate Culture).

Behind every successful digital transformation is a dedicated and highly skilled IT team. However, building this team is becoming increasingly difficult. As more and more companies embrace new technologies, a workforce gap is developing.

Many organizations have reported that the skills shortage is preventing them from pursuing their transformation goals. They lack expertise in the following areas in particular:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Technical architecture
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Advanced data analysis

One way to avoid this problem? Consider hiring outside experts and software consultants to supplement your internal team. In addition, you should strive to better understand your customers, develop partnerships with service providers, and reduce development costs through no- or low-code platforms.

Beehave’s experts can help you adopt no-code software to simplify your digital transformation(seeNotary Digital Transformation Tips: Time, Security, Custom, Cost, Collaborative).

With the arrival of more and more businesses, digital companies such as Beehave, have embraced a new era that has transformed human life. Market leaders are implementing new technologies while ensuring a faster time to market. The way we move, communicate, shop, everything has changed significantly.

These new companies have the natural ability to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and become dominant players in industries.

This means more competition than ever before as traditional companies scramble to adapt to digital. The changing business environment is putting pressure on the overall functioning of traditional companies, whether it is the organizational structure, customers or stakeholders(see TOP 5 digitalization).

Trying to manage these multiple expectations without proper planning, global cooperation and lack of flexibility leads to companies fumbling around. It is not easy to keep the balance between digital challenges and focus on current business processes, stakeholders and customers.

Companies specializing in non-IT genres may find it difficult to learn the best digital transformation technology that suits their business and functional needs. Selecting and operating the right digital transformation consulting agency like Beehave that understands and acts in the best interest of the business is more than essential.

To overcome this digital transformation challenge, find ways to simplify and streamline your digital systems. This doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of software, but rather looking at your system as a whole(see Importing a Beehave database centralizes all your databases).Different platforms need to be connected in one place to create a seamless experience for employees that can drive effective business results.

Companies need to understand that even if they are not ready to change, digital will not stop evolving. Therefore, it’s best to include digital transformation in your business to deliver a best-in-class customer experience to your target audience. Adopt Beehave now and be in control of your digitalization!