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Beehave, a complete alternative to your business software)

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Since the 2000s, more and more legal professionals have taken the turn to digitalization. To do this, they have equipped themselves with business software. All are more ingenious, more ergonomic and easier to use than the others. However, these software have undergone great evolutions before arriving at the results obtained until now. But are they fully adapted to the daily life of the legal profession?

Some of these software programs save you time on the drafting of documents and/or will keep you informed of the status of these documents, no matter where you are, as long as you have an Internet connection. Others will, in addition, integrate a communication space. Of course, the protection of your data and those of your customers are not neglected in any way.

This is also the role of the software of today’s French Legal Tech start-ups (seeLégal Tech, an ally of the law) which have very quickly evolved to impose themselves on the young generation of legal professionals. An evolution that could allow these start-ups to become unicorns.

With the mutation of the notary profession (seeNotary, a profession in mutation: young generation and new practices), these functionalities are probably not complete enough to carry out your missions.
Indeed, these software must be able to be applied to all the daily activities of a notary office. This goes from making appointments with clients to managing client documents, including the management of internal processes in each department.

What if you had all this, and more, gathered in a single platform: Beehave?

With an easy to use interface, that’s what Beehave offers you in its Cloud solution, fully customized to your needs and to your company’s image. Choose the features you want to integrate: scanning of your documents, automation of file tracking, collaborative space, instant messaging, …, and many more. Our teams are at your disposal and accompany you throughout the creation process, and follow you even after the deployment of the platform (see Developing a custom application: our solutionandYouTube videos Notary Presentation).

With the Beehave mobile application synchronized to your platform, nothing escapes you. You have access to your space as if you were in the office. Be informed at any time, wherever you are and keep control easily (see The 5 advantages of a mobile application for a company). Thanks to its automation, you receive your reminders or alerts by the means you want (email, mobile application, notification, …) and always be one step ahead.

By choosing the Beehave solution tailor-made, forget those obsolete business softwares and your employees, as well as your customers, will be more grateful.

Make our solution your most faithful ally for better productivity. So what are you waiting for ? Contact us!