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Digitizing without losing its DNA: Beehave takes your challenges into account

Digitizing does not mean transforming but adapting. The main objective of digitalization is to integrate digital technology into the practices of companies without changing their own identity. If this condition is respected, we speak of a successful automation of processes.

The DNA of a company is a complex concept that includes various factors such as identity, values, corporate culture, … This DNA is built at the time of creation of the company but evolves over time. The corporate culture, for example, will adapt to digitalization but will nevertheless keep its bases. In reality, it is an adaptation of all the components of the company to digital without modifying its foundations.

Today, digital technology is an essential tool that has convinced even the most reluctant by its efficiency and speed. Within the notary sector, the digital transition is gradual because it is essential to have an adaptation time for both employees and clients, but the benefits are noticeable. Digitalization improves the management of file flows, collaboration between employees thanks to a digital messaging system and allows for the verification of data entry; all of these aids contribute to increasing the productivity of notary office employees, for example. If digitalization is successful, then it is only the working and storage methods that evolve. They must be customized according to the company culture and the company itself.

However, you have to be careful about the conditions for implementing digital tools. Indeed, the first objective of digitalization is to facilitate the life of companies and not to modify their DNA. Yet, if the digital transition is not carried out properly or too quickly, the company’s identity may be modified. This change can have consequences on customers who will no longer trust you.

The solution is therefore to call upon an expert in digital transformation to obtain a successful digitalization. Indeed, consumers/customers are now more connected than ever. But they are also more impatient. They are looking for simplicity and efficiency. The stakes are high: Beehave is useful to meet them. It is a no-code solution that offers real support throughout the automation process. You benefit from a fully customizable automation that adapts to you. The goal of Beehave is to quickly adapt your current dematerialized processes. Each solution we develop is unique.

By taking a step up, digitalization even improves the image of a notary office. Indeed, the clients will have more confidence in a digitalized office because they will be satisfied more quickly with, for example, the electronic signature that allows them to sign documents remotely. They will see the efficiency with which the files are treated, the image of the office will thus increase in value.

To digitize without losing its DNA or its identity is possible because there are automation softwares that offer personalized solutions that adapt to your needs without changing the DNA of the company.

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