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Follow-up of transfers of funds: the headache for notaries

In notary offices, the documents making up a file are diverse and circulate between each department. Some are more sensitive than others and must be handled with care.
This is particularly the case for outgoing funds, i.e. transfers made by notaries. These transfers are made through the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC) (Fund Deposits and Consignment (FDC)), which acts like a bank and is also used by other legal professions such as bailiffs. These transfers are complex because of the different actors in this process: notary, accountant, collaborator.

In a ‘classic’ circuit, a request for transfer of funds must be filled in on paper. It is then approved by the notary and sent to the accountant who prepares the transfer. The notary must, once it is prepared, validate this transfer on the CDC (FDC) in order to send it back to the accountant for him to take the folio number (see Video Interview YouTube of Maître Bignell).). A back and forth of documents between departments that is conducive to many errors and delays.

Lost sheets, long delays in approving the request and validating the transfer: these are the main problems that notaries have to deal with on a daily basis.

But how to overcome these problems while gaining in productivity?

That’s when Beehave comes in! Indeed, with a unique digital platform, you can manage this procedure with ease. Say goodbye to wasting paper and time because everything is dematerialized and gathered in one place (see Paper is dead, long live Beehave: top 10 problems of paperandOne place, all documents: economy and efficiency).

Thus, each actor of the process has access to the steps that concern him/her and are specific to him/her. For example, the accountant will have access to the preparation of the transfer, while the notary will not, but will be able to validate a transfer of funds. Also, if a collaborator is late or forgets to take care of a transfer, the integrated chat allows him/her to be contacted immediately. This makes it possible to track each transfer of funds and see which step it is at, at any given time.

Worried about the security of your clients’ data, as well as those of the study? Beehave has your back. Indeed, in accordance with the GDPR law but also in compliance with the policy of your study, you keep a high level of security, confidentiality and integrity of these data. Unfortunately, the risk zero does not exist. In addition, you must protect yourself from any cyber danger by adopting certain behaviors, including the choice of strong passwords (see Cybersecurity, the new challenge for notary offices).

To put it in a nutshell, with Beehave, no more mistakes, forgetting or losing documents. Tracking transfers of funds has never been so easy and customer satisfaction is only increasing. But don’t take our word for it, rather let yourself be convinced by Mr. Bignell whose testimonial can be found here.

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