Beehave is the no-code platform to make your company grow faster.

Manage every step of your services for improved client experience

Our solutions can be customized to match the specialized needs for a professional services firm to operate smoothly.

Beehave’s flexible platform allows you to handle billable hours, matter management, and document tracking, as well as traditional invoicing and payroll processes.


Organize, track and control documents seamlessly with Beehave.

Whether it’s an audited financial report, contract performance, or corporate due diligence report, Beehave provides solutions that make it easy to track in real time and automate it, whenever it’s possible.

Team members as well as external customers can be notified when they need to take action, while case managers can steer every step to ensure a smooth customer experience.

Additionally, you can set expiration dates and alerts for your internal documents. Thus, always stay up to date on the information shared !

Banks & Insurances benefits from Beehave

Beehave allows banks and insurance companies to focus on their customers and leave repetitive and automatable tasks to our customizable solutions.

Automate tasks to free time for team members so they can concentrate on client work.

No need to change your operations to fit a system that does not recognize how your business works.

Handle client matters and projects in the most efficient way possible from start to finish with the ability to visualize the status of all projects in about one minute.

Offer clients a secure interface where they can collaborate and contribute to work as needed with mark-ups or approvals.

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Head of Business Solutions, Plane manufacturer.

“We were presented with 4 proposals for our collaborative platform. Your solution was ranked the best one.”


Supply Chain Director, largest Luxury Brand.

“Beehave is very easy to use, and we appreciate it a lot.”


Managing Director, Plastic manufacturing.

“Beehave can definitely help you with any of your questions. It’s very easy to modify the system.” 

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