How is Beehave different from other Process Automation solutions?

Beehave is more versatile than other solutions. Our team can deliver your solution within weeks, one that is tailor made for your company and your users.

Can both our accounting and our warehousing teams use Beehave together?

All departments can use Beehave. Not only can your departments use Beehave collaboratively, but they can build their own Beehave apps to quickly automate low value-added tasks.
Furthermore, you can also give secure access to your suppliers and customers that you can limit based on what you want them to see and/or contribute.

Do I need to download any special software to set up Beehave?

No. Since Beehave is a cloud-based platform, all you need is your login and your password. You can access Beehave through a web browser. From mobile devices, we recommend downloading our app, available for Android and iOS.

Do I have to convert my entire company to Beehave?

No. You can just covert the areas that need improvement. No need for a mass overhaul or company-wide deployment — just focus on here it hurts most. Too many worksheets, too many manual operations, low value-add for human intervention… you decide what you need to change. From one process to 100 processes. Beehave can handle it all.

My employees are comfortable with how things are, but I think things can run better. Can Beehave help?

Beehave digitizes existing processes by making them automated and smart, and without changing the essence of how things are done. Beehave does not force you to use a predefined, one-size-fits-all process. You run your business the same way, just more efficiently.

How long will it take me to set up a Beehave module?

Beehave adheres to Agile methodology. So, you will have a module’s first version in a few weeks, if not days. No need to spend months writing specifications. You can quickly get to testing and evaluating so that your team can provide the feedback our experts and solution engineers need to fine tune the module.

How much training is needed to use Beehave?

Only a few hours. Our modern and user friendly interface is very intuitive, in both the browser and the mobile versions. Also, we provide a short video tutorial for each module, so it is easy to train new employees.

What type of security does Beehave offer my company and my clients?

Beehave runs on the most advanced cloud infrastructure, with state-of-the-art software architecture and multiple security layers. Your data is perfectly secured and isolated from the external world, and all communications between your web or mobile app and Beehave data centers are encrypted.
In addition, Beehave has data centers in many countries worldwide, and you decide where your data are hosted.

I have a very proprietary process that I'd like to automate. Can Beehave help?

Definitely. Our founders were never able to find software solutions customized to their needs, which is why they built Beehave so even proprietary processes can be digitized.

How much does Beehave cost?

Beehave starts at 18 USD per user per month without limits on the number of modules or automated processes.

How many users can my subscription have? Does this include customers?

As many as you need, and as low as 10.