Beehave supports the luxury industry by automating logistics.
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Ensure your clients experience the best service

Manufacturing luxury goods is more than creating a product. It also is about ensuring that those products are manufactured to client needs and specifications. Beehave has modules that can assist you in smoothing and streamlining your operations, by efficiently automating as many tasks as possible so that you can focus your resources where they are most needed. Your resources need to be on producing the highest quality goods that you are known for and for fulfilling orders on time with the best customer service as possible.

Beehave allows smooth automation and integration throughout your supply chain

Running an efficient supply chain is integral to your business. From the moment you receive orders until delivery is complete and paid for, you must make sure everything is running smoothly. This means not only being able to quickly process incoming orders as error-free as possible, but also tracking each order internally as well as monitoring supplier and vendor performance throughout the chain. Beehave has modules that allows you to extract data automatically from client orders, to interact with suppliers and vendors when necessary during the supply chain, and to access reports on order progress when and where you need so you can respond to any issues as soon as possible for optimal supply chain management.

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Luxury Manufacturers Benefits from Beehave

Beehave provides luxury manufacturers with customizable tools to keep their supply chains moving smoothly and more effectively by automating manual tasks and provide dedicated platforms to monitor order progress.

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Data extraction is automated using OCR (optical character recognition), allowing for digital and paper orders to be processed into the supply chain quickly and with less error.

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Modules are customizable so that they can more seamlessly integrate into your current system, reducing business interruptions.

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Clients, suppliers, and relevant third parties can have customized access so that they can contribute and monitor the supply chain confidentially while keeping your data secure.

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Create reports on a schedule or on an ad hoc basis as needed to monitor parts or all of your supply chain to identify issues so you can respond in a timely manner.

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