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Complementary to your deed drafting software

What is Beehave?

Time saving,

reduced mental load,

enhanced customer experience

As a notary office, Beehave is your ally. 

Beehave adapts to you, your needs and your teams.

We are your relevant and effective solution.

Our platform offers turnkey solutions designed by and for notaries.

They are all customizable on request. They will allow you to automate processes such as the follow-up of your tasks, to digitize the workflows of your office and to work more efficiently between collaborators and partners.

Thus, we relieve you of daily operational problems and manual tasks.

You save time and can focus on the essentials while benefiting from a secure exchange and sharing space.

Beehave & notaries

Synchronisation with your deed drafting software, remonders of deadlines and expiration of documents, monitoring of your daily tasks so that you don’t forget anything, monitoring of prejected turnover, balancing of employes loads, analysis of key figures, exchange of secure Bank details and much more…

In this tutorial, we show you how to manage your tasks, simply.

For more tutotials, contact us !

Why our platform ?

Mental load


– Follow-up of your files by status and by stage

– Document expiration alerts

– Task tracking notifications

Client experience


– Folder status in seconds

– Setting up alerts and reminders

– Visualization of indicators



– Multi-office management

– Dashboards with indicators

Time saving

– Synchronization with your business software

– Automatic follow-up and reminders

– Visualization of tasks in progress



– Folder status in seconds

– Setting up alerts and reminders

– Visualization of indicators



– Digital safe (BEESAFE)

– Double authentication for bank details

Equipe Beehave
Beehave after-sales service

The Beehave team supports you before, during and after the deployment of your solutions.

Integrate the tool gradually, without interrupting ongoing operations and promoting stronger adoption within teams.

Beehave offers a turnkey digitization for optimal efficiency in complete safety.

Our solution adapts to any type of organization in LegalTech, with great expertise in the notarial professions.

Our clients tell you more!


Expert in automation, we create turnkey solutions and offer, if necessary, to customize them while respecting your DNA.

To receive our catalog of apps, click on the link below.

Available on mobile

All features of Beehave are available on our mobile app.

Welcome to your new office: convenient and available wherever you are.


Septeo Beehave

Septeo is the most used deed drafting software  in France with more than 70% of the market share.

Today, your files and their contents (documents, dates, emolument…) are directly and automatically updated so that Beehave does more and your collaborators do less.

Notatech is specialized in the maintenance and management of computer equipment for notarial offices.

Get Notatech’s sound advice and Beehave’s expertise in automation at the same time!

Philippe Saint-Leger is an IT and Communication Strategy consultant. With more than 30 years of experience in advising notaries, Philippe Saint Leger is able to understand each of their needs and provide them with the appropriate Beehave solutions.

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