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for your transformation.
Automation, your way!

Monitor and automate your workflows easily.

Beehave is the ally of choice for legal studies. Our solution, built in collaboration with your study, is tailor-made and progressive. 

It automates the updating of files, tracks the expiration of documents, and communicates effectively with all employees.

Thus, the study minimizes human error, hours of data entry, unnecessary customer appointments and reduces paper use.

Beehave adapts to you, your needs, and your teams. We are here to be your relevant and efficient solution.

Our clients tell you more!

Why choose Beehave?

You imagine your digital transformation, we take it from there.

With Beehave, digitize process and archive securely. All while integrating Beehave gradually, without interrupting current operations and promoting stronger adoption within your teams.


No coding skills are required, and Beehave tracks your progress before, during, and after implementing the solution. Beehave is turnkey digitalization for optimal efficiency and maximum security. Our solution adapts to any type of organization in LegalTech, with a large solutions library for notaries.

Your study is also available 

on your smartphone.

With Beehave, digitize, process and archive securely. 

All activities are available on our mobile application. 

Welcome to your new study: practical and available 

everywhere you go.

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Discover the benefits for you and your customers when you have the powerful, flexible, and intuitive Beehave toolbox at your fingertips!

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